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My Story

Hi, I'm Sarah Coats, artist and designer at Beloved Paper. I started my studio with the desire to create unique and luxurious wedding invitations for the modern brides like myself. I wanted my own wedding to be perfect with the coordinating invitations, ceremony programs, and place cards. My desire is to create a place where brides-to-be can come and find the style and look that they are looking for. When working with you on your wedding stationery, I hope to offer a personal touch to your wedding that makes it yours.

Watercolor designs are my focus and passion. My design studio is equipped with a artist's table filled with various watercolor paints and brushes. I work very carefully and painstakingly on each design mixing paints until I have the perfect tones and shades of color for your stationery. Once the design is complete, they are scanned into my computer where the custom text for your wedding is applied and then printed on high-quality paper. The result is pure beauty and elegance for your wedding day. 

Photo by Just Photos by Susan