About The Artist

Hi There! I'm Sarah Coats, owner and artist behind Beloved Paper. I fell in love with art while sitting at my mama's kitchen table where she homeschooled all of myself and my seven siblings. I would have at there and worked through those little art packets all day (science, however, was another story altogether). 

As an artist, I specifically work with watercolors and hand-drawn illustrations, but it is the story behind each piece I create that holds special meaning to me more than the paints and canvas. Every piece here at Beloved Paper begins as 100% original artwork and included in each brush stroke and each scratch of my pencil is a story of love. The love that brought you together on your wedding day, The love that adopted a baby girl from the other side of the world. It is that love that holds a special place in my heart.

It is deep within my heart to love wholeheartedly and to spread the love of Jesus. I am so blessed that God would turn my passion to create this little business. I love that you have chosen to step into a part of my life, further allowing me to create artwork that brings so much joy my heart.