I wrote a blog post a while back about coming to a point in my business where I recognized God's desire to be apart of every piece of my life. To be perfectly honest it has been difficult for me to fully understand how God would be interested in even the little things. Why He would even care about Beloved Paper and its success. I am just a tiny part of all humanity, and yet, he cares even for me. 

I began, over the past months, to really include God in my business decision making. And while, I still believe that I should acknowledge His will in everything I do, I have recently come to the realization that my prayers are still a little flawed. You see, what started out as "God, please show me what to do" gradually turned into "please, God, bring me more sales" and "God, please bless the business".  And while I 100% believe that those are wonderful prayers to pray, I began to realize that my life and my business need to be so much more than the dollars and sales I was making it out to be. 

Over the past few weeks, I made the decision to stop praying for God's blessings but instead to ask "God, how can I bless you today". Don't get me wrong, I still desire business and personal success, and I still want Beloved Paper to grow; but my main desire and focus has turned off of myself and is now directed at Him. I don't want to exist just to run a stationery business. I want my life and my business endeavors to be a blessing to the most high God and to bring glory to His name. And sometimes this is as simple as staying focused with the task at hand and not allowing myself to upset when things go wrong.

This is not to say that every day is perfect, but that I am working at changing my outlook and the direction and purpose for my work and designs.