Why You Shouldn't Buy Your Wedding Invitations.

Hey there! I’m going to come out and say something that’s pretty crazy coming from someone in the wedding business. In fact, when I told my husband the name of this blog post, he responded with raised eyebrows and an ‘excuse me?’. I know, it’s pretty crazy for me, a wedding stationer, to list reasons why you shouldn’t buy from me. But the truth is, my ultimate goal is not to sell you beautiful wedding invitations. As crazy as it may sound, I may not wish you to buy my invitations at all. But why would I as a wedding stationery designer not want your business? Shouldn’t it be my number one goal to sell you on the most expensive wedding package I have? But what if it wasn’t? What if there was something more important than custom maps and rsvp cards?

It is no secret that Pinterest has made a major impact on weddings as a whole. While I LOVE me some Pinterest (I could literally scroll and pin forever), with every amazing resource there is also added caution as well. It is no longer just a struggle to keep up with the proverbial Joneses; with social media literally at our fingertips, we now feel the need to keep up with the entire world. That’s a ton of pressure yall!. The same is true with wedding planning. As a stationery designer, I love it when my brides want to pull out all the stops with their stationery as a first look at their wedding day. I love beautiful details like wax seals and hand dyed ribbon and get so excited when given the opportunity to create beautiful art, but sometimes the cost is too great, and I don’t want to sell you a product that costs you so much more than the dollars of your wedding budget.  

While recently speaking to some photographer friends and we were discussing a trend that was particularly discouraging to us. There is a shift in thinking that says ‘I can’t have a successful marriage, without having the perfect wedding day’. Oh, I cannot even tell you how much this breaks my heart. This mindset is so dangerous in that it places such a great importance on the one day and completely leaves out what truly makes a marriage truly successful. Someone told my husband and I right before our wedding that “if at the end of the day, you are married; no matter if it rains, or things don’t go as planned; then your wedding day will have been a success”.  The purpose of your wedding is not to get published in the most popular wedding blog or to be ‘pinterest perfect’; the purpose of your wedding is that you are married at the end of the day. You can have the most beautiful wedding in the world and still not have a fulfilling and successful relationship.  

Our wedding was before Pinterest, but we still struggled with plans and the stress of it all. One night I just cried to my fiance’ (now husband) and said ‘I’d really rather have a small wedding with family and close friends than to try to please everybody and make it all work.’ and so we decided to do just that. I diy’d my invitations, we prioritized our spending on what really mattered to us, and even though I could list so many things that weren’t the most blog worthy; our wedding day was perfect because at the end of the day I married the man of my dreams. My mother-in-law gave me such a great compliment a few weeks after and said she could see ‘us’ in all of our wedding details, that our wedding was a wonderful representation of who we were as a couple. But if we had had the big wedding with the three hundred person guest list, she probably wouldn't have been able to say that because that’s not who we were.

If you could only spend money on one thing, I wouldn’t tell you to order invitations as fast as you could, I would tell you to invest in some wonderful pre-marital counseling and build your marriage on a solid Christ-centered Biblical foundation. You don’t have to have a small wedding to have a successful marriage, but you don't have to have a big one either.  Yall, Pinterest is great, beautiful weddings are great, this post isn’t to say that any particular wedding vendor isn’t worth their weight in gold (because they truly are). If you are glitz and glam than go for it, if it’s always been your dream to celebrate with the world and you have the  budget for it then I will be there in my dancing shoes; but when we start forgetting what we are planning for, when we stop investing in our marriage because we are too busy stressing and arguing over details of linens and paper samples, then it is time to take a step back. It is time to remember why we are planning a wedding and start planning for an even greater marriage.

If wedding stationery is in your budget and you have always dreamed of gold leafing details, then, by all means, let’s grab a coffee. But the truth is, my ultimate goal is not to sell you the custom hand-illustrated wedding invitation gold foil pressed onto the most gorgeous of handmade paper; because deep in my heart, Beloved Paper’s mission is to provoke you towards a deep wholehearted love for God and for each other; and encouraging you to see your wedding stationery as a piece of art will always come second to that.


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