Why Bespoke?

A few weeks ago I wrote a pretty outrageous blog post titled 'Why You Shouldn't Buy Your Wedding Invitations From Me'. Which, to be perfectly honest, is a little crazy coming from a wedding stationer who makes a living off of designing your wedding invitations. Still, I meant every word of that post. While I don’t necessarily think that custom designed wedding crests and illustrated venue paintings are for everyone, and even crazier still that my wedding stationery may not be for you. I do think that fine art wedding stationery has a well-deserved place in weddings today.

Your stationery is the first glimpse you give your guests into your wedding day. I believe that this look shouldn’t be only a look into your special day but more importantly of the uniqueness of your own love story. My mother-in-law gave me such a great compliment a few weeks after our wedding and said she could see ‘us’ in all of our wedding details, that our wedding was a wonderful representation of who we were as a couple. This is my ultimate goal in your invitation design, a representation of you. A custom stationery design has the unique opportunity to represent you and your fiance’s story whether it is in the form of a custom crest, venue illustration, or minimalist detailing such as fine paper twine and wax seals. Ordering your wedding stationery from a small business...let’s just say Beloved Paper ;) provides you with the personal attention your wedding stationery needs. I only take a select number of bespoke stationery clients per month so that I am able to give proper dedication to each and every order. Getting to know you on a personal level assists me so that I can design your stationery in the best way to meet your unique needs.

Why is Custom Wedding Stationery So Expensive?

Just like any other aspect of a wedding, your stationery can be quite the expense. Often couples are tempted to forgo custom design for a cheaper route and order from a big box online company or DIY their own and these are credible options that often deserve to be considered. I personally had a small wedding budget and diy’d our invitations and other aspects of our wedding. But one thing that I do remind my couples when weighing the pros and cons of custom vs DIY or big box retailer, is that everything comes with a cost no matter how small the dollar signs may be. Do-it-yourself stationery while often the cheapest route comes at the cost of so much additional stress; Digital invitations (or e-vites) are often quick and free but there is so much lost in the form of etiquette and courtesy for your guests (and I would beg you not to even consider this option), but to the military couple whose deployment just got moved up to next week and the wedding to three days from now, the pros of a quick digital or word of mouth invitation may just outweigh the cons. Bespoke (completely custom) is often admittedly the most expensive option when it comes your wedding stationery, but you aren’t just paying for fine papers and envelopes. You will be trading more dollars for fewer headaches, a one on one design process with a skilled artist as opposed to a Word document and home printer. While my average bespoke couple spends between $1500 and $2500 we also have the $500 orders as well. I like to send my couples an array of options within their budget so you can get the quality and stress-free stationery you want at a price you can afford.

When it comes to wedding stationery there are so many options out there and I am not one to disparage against one or the other as each has their own place and fills a unique need. But if you have a vision for custom venue paintings and handmade papers then quite possibly bespoke stationery is just the option for you.


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