How We're Planning Rest in Our Busy Summer

How We're Planning Rest in Our Busy Summer

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post (you can read it here) listing some of the things that we had planned this summer. One thing we kept in mind while making our plans and our ‘summer bucket list’ was to not over-schedule and be sure to include some time just to be a family together and to rest. Kindergarten has been a big year for Max (and us) and it’s important for little ones to have some downtime too. We wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to be home and just be a family together, without needing some form of entertainment or activity every minute of summer.

We wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to just be together

Andrew and I have been sitting down on occasion for while now and planning the details of the upcoming weeks. We both own our own businesses so schedules can be a little crazy and setting aside time to go over things like what days I need extra work time and what days he needs extra time to study have been a lifesaver. Over the summer it can be easy to over schedule and try to do all the things, but we are using this planning time to make sure to plan days that we can just be home. That we can just be a family, build forts in the living room, and play in the sprinklers in the backyard.

I believe it is so important for little ones to have time just to themselves. Max is too old to take naps but we do still ask him to take 20-30 minutes a day for rest while Livy is napping. He doesn’t have to sleep but a typical rest will have him either in his room or the playroom quietly playing with legos or magnet tiles. We notice just as much of a difference in him when he gets his ‘rest’ time as we do when Livy gets a nap. So we are trying to make sure they both have some down time to simply rest.

It can be hard to limit activities, with cousins and friends all living so close it’s easy to feel the need to say yes to every play date or activity. But it’s ok. It’s ok to say no, or ‘that really won’t fit in our schedule right now, can we maybe plan for next week’. Especially if it means saving little ones from exhaustion. 

And mama needs rest too.

How We Are Planning Rest In Our Busy Summer

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