How Pilates is Changing Me

How Pilates is Changing Me

Hey there! Do you ever wonder why life is hard? Why everything you do seems to push back against you when life should just be easy? I’ve recently started taking a Pilates class after a brief break over the winter and am loving how it feels to stretch and work out regularly again. Pilates is an exercise program specifically directed at building strength and endurance and developing core control. When we are doing an exercise that is a particular struggle, our instructors will tell us to “find where it gets hard and keep going”.

“Find where it gets hard and keep going.”

There is a lot of stress in life that pushes against us and so often gets the better of us. Y'all, I am hating it right there with you. Your day can be going so well and then out of nowhere everything is turned upside down. We get stressed, depressed, and often so frustrated when God doesn’t just fix it for us. After all, why wouldn’t He if He really loved us.

Find Where it Gets Hard and Keep Going

In all honesty, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress and allow negativity and frustration to take over. But, I am slowly learning that just as resistance is vitally important in Pilates class; it is also equally important in my daily life as well.

I have slowly been working to change the way I respond when things aren’t quite going my way. Whether it’s a rough mama day, a disagreement with my husband, or difficult decisions in the Beloved Paper studio. Normally, I would say a quick desperate prayer that went something like ‘God, please make this go away.’ I would basically be praying that He would come in and vanquish all the stress that is ruining my day. Because why shouldn’t He...right?

Recently, however, I have been praying that He would help me become the person I need to be in order to make it through this particular struggle. We talked about this one night in a bible study group that I am apart of; and a few days later in the middle of a difficult decision, when I really wanted to ask God to just fix everything (and make $2500 dollars fall out of the sky) I decided to try it.

Y'all, I cannot even tell you how much of a difference that small change has made. Almost immediately I stopped focusing on myself and my particular situation and started focusing more on God and who He created me to be. I stopped playing the victim and started conquering.

I often feel as if I don’t have enough time in the day. Instead of whining about it and being frustrated when something extra comes up and further fills the little bit of time I have, I started looking at my days and seeing where I was wasting time on (Pinterest anyone?). I started getting up earlier, and saying ‘no’ to things (and not feeling bad about it), and took Facebook off my phone. Turns out, I didn’t have ‘too little’ time, but mostly some time management struggles. Slowly I am changing my focus from frustration and defeat to becoming the person that God created and embracing that He created me to be the one to face it.

Maybe the mountain that you are facing is so huge and daunting. But You can do this. God has given you everything you need to get there, including allowing the resistance that will give you the strength to make it through. Pilates (and parenting, marriage, entrepreneurship, etc...) is hard, but my bad days are now where my good days were. I used to get so excited if I could complete a 45-second plank, but now 45-seconds is a rough day because I am growing into the hard. I am pushing into the resistance, and allowing my core a little discomfort now so I can grow even stronger through it all.

I have never met anyone who has arrived, even professional athletes have to continually work out to keep their muscles toned and strong. Spiritually speaking even the apostle Paul claimed to have struggled. We are all pushing against some kind of resistance, we are all struggling. We just have to grow through it.

Instead of ‘God, please just make my day better’, try ‘God, who is it that you want me to be in this situation?’ Push into the resistance, flex your muscles, and conquer.

How Pilates Has Changed Me

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