Chocolate Chips and M&M Cookies - A New Family Tradition

Chocolate Chips and M&M Cookies - A New Family Tradition

Mama’s do you feel a little like me and that it can sometimes be hard to create intentional memories with your little ones? Summers can be fun but also a bit hard with the seemingly endless mess of toys, sticky popsicle fingers, and requests for yet another snack. While I love that Max is home for the summer, I often find myself wanting to retreat into the quiet and let them watch yet another movie. But lately, I’ve found myself wondering ‘should it really be this hard?’

We put too many expectations on ourselves as to what it means to be a good mama...I think we put too many expectations on ourselves as to what it means to be a good mama. We have bought into this lie (that’s often perpetuated by the perfection in social media) that you have to create big extravagant moments for your littles. Birthday parties are bigger, vacations consist of endless amounts of fun and entertainment, and more and more gifts are piled under the tree at Christmas. All in an effort to create a grander childhood. Please know that none of these things are necessarily bad in themselves; if throwing big parties and grandiose cakes are your thing than most definitely go for it. But it’s when we start feeling like we HAVE to do these things to be a good mom that we start putting more emphasis on the things instead of on the littles ones we are trying so hard to love. 

I used to think that being intentional with my kids meant doing the big things, but as they are growing, I realize that the moments don’t have to be big, just full of love. A few weeks ago, we made cookies together, and I had to choose to intentionally not worry about the mess that was happening in my kitchen. But instead, let them ‘help.’ We had a great time learning to measure ingredients, crack eggs (and not stress about the shells), we licked the spoon and snuck bites of m&ms and chocolate chips. 

I love hearing stories from the older generation of how they would come home from school and enjoy freshly baked cookies and a glass of milk with their mama. It is such a small thing, but I love the simplicity of the special moment that was remembered and talked about long after those days are gone.

So we made cookies, and he still talks about ‘when we made cookies and Livy and I got to lick the spoon after.’

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies


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