A Momprenuerer’s Journey:  From Exhausted and Overwhelmed to Encouraged and Thriving

A Momprenuerer’s Journey: From Exhausted and Overwhelmed to Encouraged and Thriving

Let me tell you what my life looked like about a year and a half ago.

I was mama to two young children, my husband was working fulltime and attending pre-med classes at night. I owned this little business I lovingly call Beloved Paper, and I was absolutely drowning in the hustle of it all.

I wanted to be super mom
super wife
super-savvy business owner

I was determined to push through exhaustion and overwhelm and stand victoriously at the end of every day with my accomplishments around me. 

But that’s not quite how things were playing out. I seemed to be failing on all fronts. I felt like I was failing my kids, my husband, and my clients. And I was a mess trying just to push harder and work longer hours. 

But then something changed.

Something shifted inside me and began to make one of the most significant changes to my everyday life and take me from exhausted and overwhelmed to encouraged and thriving.

Stronger Together - Beloved Paper

 Standing Stronger Together

I made the decision to attend a creative business owner’s conference.

I nervously joined a small group bible study at my church.

I started believing that I didn’t have to do everything alone. I started accepting the support from the community around me took so much emotional and physical weight from my plate that I could finally breathe again. And it was wonderful. I became less stressed, less overwhelmed, and was finally able to enjoy the life I was meant to live.

I found my people, my community to lean on when I needed help both professionally and personally. 


Do you have a community?

Do you have someone you can link arms together and do life with? Don’t stay exhausted in the everyday hustle. Find your people.

Find someone who you can trade babysitting days with. Someone who you can call and talk through that work problem you’ve been having. 

Find your people. Stand stronger together. 

New Collection

I’ve been working on a new collection for the Beloved Paper Shop  lovingly titled 'Together, Strong' that celebrates the amazing community of women we lean on every day. I absolutely cannot wait for November 13th when I can reveal everything to you! The artwork is complete, and the last of the product samples should be arriving any day now. 

Together Strong Sneak Peek - Beloved Paper 'Together, Strong' Collection coming November 13th! 

I can't wait to share the rest of the collection with you! It is so near to my heart and couldn't be more excited!

With much love,
Sarah C. 


Family photo by Stephanie Renee Photography

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