My Leap of Faith...

So, I'm gonna get a little personal on the blog today and let you know what's been going on in the studio and in my sometimes crazy, messed up head. 

I took a small break at the beginning of the year, when my baby boy was born. One thing that my husband and I wanted for our family was for me to be able to spend as much time with our son as possible, we didn't want him to have to go to a daycare setting and since we could live off my husbands salary, we decided that he would be my priority while still running the business at the same time. Did I mention that my husband is also in full time school while working a job and a half? Yeah, we are crazy busy like that...

I had imagined in my head this great time with my little boy and then just picking up right where I left off upon getting the studio back up and running. However, it was a lot harder re-opening the studio and making sales again than I thought it would be. Business wise, it was probably comparable to when I just started out, but now I had less time and a baby to take care of as well not to mention sleepless nights and that being a mommy is just sometimes hard.

Honestly, sales have just been slow and I've had a hard time with that. Last week it all came to a lot of tears. It seemed as if nothing I did was working, and all in one day I messed up two orders and my computer and printer decided to take a sick day, which meant taking my orders to Office Depot for printing (and I HATE doing that!). My amazing husband took care of the little guy all day and helped me out during nap times. But still what should have only taken a little over an hour ended up taking all day and we were finally finished by around 10 at night. I just cried, I had been struggling with the lack of sales and now I was really questioning whether I was suppose to continue working or completely throw in the towel. 

But, like normal, talking to my husband got my head back on track. While I was laying in bed crying his first question was simple. "Have you prayed about it?" and I kinda sidestepped the question, because my answer would have to have been 'no'. You see, I have this little problem where I think I have to do everything myself. Perfectly. Often I have a hard time accepting help from even my husband. And when things don't work, when sales are slow, I take it as a personal failure. I'm not good enough. But we weren't meant to live like that. I am not meant to carry the world on my shoulders, it is too heavy for just me alone. 

So slowly, a little bit more every day, I am letting go of my life and trusting it completely in God's hands. He created me anyway so who better to trust my life with? Besides He knows everything (which is a really big plus). I am accepting help from my husband, although he's not really into weddings or art he is great to bounce ideas off of and help with the business'y side of things. 

So, that was a really long post to say that Sarah Coats Designs will be staying open. We are working on a complete rebranding as a way to focus in on where we will be taking the business in the future. And we took a HUGE leap of faith last night when we decided to expand our advertising to where we have never been before (more on that later). 

So pray for my little family, keep following our/my progress, (I am hoping to be better about updating the blog), and trust God with everything, He cares about the little stuff too. 

Hope you have a great week!

Photo by Just Photos by Susan

Aug 06, 2013

…said a little prayer for you and your family…&…Faith and Hope…yes…it will all turn out just beautifully!!! Congrats! and looking forward to seeing just where God takes your talents!!

Dira Reeves
Aug 06, 2013

What a wonderful testimony, Sarah. You have gone from the shy little girl, hanging on to your mom’s skirt, to an amazing young woman. For you to share your heart is simply amazing! I am so proud of you. God is doing a wonderful work in you.

Aug 06, 2013

I love you- and I love this… Lets us woman make an effort to try to be on our faces more for the good of our Families. I will personally be praying for you and your business and truly appreciate this testimony!

Aug 06, 2013

Hello Sarah,

I want to start by letting you know that you are in good company…every business owner has been where you are right now…crying (those who were not afraid to do before others) is always in the business step book on How to be Successful….because you LEARN from all those things that go bad for next time. The one thing you have that most other business owners don’t is God. Pray when you start your business day, Pray during your business day, and Pray when you are done. You will feel so accomplished even if nothing was accomplished but you will never feel as if you have failed. We are all very proud of you and in our eyes you are a success and your business will follow you. Blessings Sarah, we look forward to see what is next.

Aug 06, 2013

Amazing story, I am so glad to hear you share this intimate part of your life with your readers! What an awesome testimony and I will surely be praying for you!

Aug 06, 2013

Sending hugs your way Sarah! Sometimes we have to let go and let God lead us down the path we need to take. Often easier said than done but his grace is sufficient. Can’t wait to see the new brand!

Aug 06, 2013

Thanks for the post, no seriously! You have come a long way. Who would ever though that the girl that thought everything was “Baad” and loved to hate orange Gatorade, would have an incredible husband and an awesome little boy and a business. God is Good and has brought all of us through some perilous times with a bright future. I needed that reminder. Thanks. Your friend- Phil


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