3 Ways to Love Her During a Crisis

3 Ways to Love Her During a Crisis

We all know her. 

She has so much on her plate right now and she is exhausted, overwhelmed and on top of that questioning every decision she makes. She questions her worth and her ability and if what she is doing even matters. 

We all know her.
Some of us are her.

We all could use a little extra support these days. But with the social-distancing and sheltering in place support can seem hard to come by and the feelings of isolation seem to be taking over our hearts.

Here are three ways you send some extra love and support during this incredibly isolating time. 

1. Buy Her Coffee
Let’s all give a hallelujah that coffee is still considered essential. Now, I may be a little biased because I would rather my husband bring me home some coffee over bringing flowers. But I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a cup of coffee (or those really cool pink drinks that Starbucks has right now) delivered to her front door. Seriously, who wouldn’t love a text that said ‘You’ve got a lot on your plate right now, your favorite drink is at your door’.


2. Plan a Virtual Girl’s Night
Set up a virtual girls night via facetime or zoom (or whatever the cool kids are doing these days). We all need friendship and community right now and we are all so starved for some interaction. 

OR if she has kids, set up a virtual date with them, read a story and chat about their day, just so mama can get a few minutes of quiet in the chaos. Trust me, she will love you forever. 

3. Send a Text
A text can be such a small simple thing but it can carry so much care and love. 

Even without a global pandemic, life can still be terribly isolating and alone especially if our ‘connections’ are mainly through the ever-so-perfect social media highlight reels. 

And now we’re sheltering at home and many of us are literally doing this alone. It’s hard. 

Your mama friend, that single college girl alone in her apartment. She just wants to be seen. To know that her efforts are recognized. For someone to know that we are here. 

So send her a text. Let her know you are thinking about her.

I’m pretty sure we are all going to have a big party once this is over and give non-socially-distanced-hugs. But for now, let’s support each other in the best way that we can. 

She has so much on her plate right now. She is exhausted and overwhelmed. 

We all know her. And we all need each other. 


With much love,
Sarah C.

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