Clearing Away the Clutter

These last few weeks have been a little slow for me as the little guy and I have not been feeling too well. Work has mainly consisted of just answering emails and staying on top of current orders. There has been no new designs in the works, no painting into the late hours of the night, just lots of rest, couch snuggles, and movie time. 

It has honestly been a bit of a difficult time as I am used to my 'perfectly laid plans' and running 90 miles an hour (as my mother puts it). I came back from our time away all refreshed and ready to go but then literally seemed to hit a brick wall. And for this busy mommy, full-time business owner, and perfectionist it has been so very frustrating. 

This week though seems to be getting slowly back to normal. However, instead of jumping back in to new designs and products, I decided to just take some time and get re-organized. When I am not functioning on all fronts things tend to get left in disarray and scattered just from the lack of energy to put things away again. Our house was dirty beyond belief, and my office looks like a tornado hit it, and I seriously just renewed our library books for the second time just because I haven't been able to take them back yet. 

So today I cleaned my house, and after the munchkin went to bed I tackled that mountain of boring 'maintenance-y' stuff that comes with being a business owner; it's not completely finished but I made a huge dent. 

So I cleared the clutter that had built up in my house and studio and then took a little bit of time to clear the clutter in my mind and heart. Just like my house, I had let my frustration and lack of contentment build up in my heart against God and anything else that seemed to be working against my 'perfectly laid plans' and I was having a hard time seeing His daily blessings. There are some other circumstances (I will share more on these later) that seemed to have derailed some things and I was having a hard time accepting them as God's plan. See, I am a perfectionist, and I like to have things planned out, and honestly don't like surprises. But while working tonight I turned on some inspirational music and God started to work on my heart. 'My ways are higher than you ways', 'trust me', and 'just rest in MY plans' He seemed to be repeating over and over again in my heart. So I'm resting, physically and spiritually; and while this perfectionist is no where near perfect I fell like clearing away the clutter in my heart has brought me another step closer to being more like Him. 

So, get rid of something that has been clouding your spiritual vision, and look for the blessings in every day. 



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